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This governs the contractual relationship between the customer (hereinafter referred to as "the Leader") and Milanorooms srl (hereinafter "the Company") as a result of the reservation and payment of the selected apartment among those on the portal

1. General provisions
The following general conditions of contract govern the terms and conditions applicable to the transitional lease contract between the Leader and the Company, acting on behalf of and on behalf of the owners of the property, and relating to the above listed apartment chosen between those Listed on the website
This is without prejudice to the possibility of entering into specific agreements (Online Booking System), subject to these general contract terms.

2. Conclusion of the contract​

2.1. Choosing the Idea
By accessing the online platform, the Conductor has real-time information about the availability and prices of the selected property.

2.2. Booking procedure
If the property chosen by the Conductor is free for the period indicated therein, he will have to conclude the booking operation by paying the full amount of the Rental Lease agreed upon by credit card following the guided instructions; The Company will send a Booking Confirmation email containing the details of the selected apartment, the lease period, the number of occupants and the amounts (1) of the rent, (2) to the successful completion of the payment, The reservation right, (3) the security deposit, (4) the cleaning service, and (5) any additional services selected.
The contract will not be concluded until payment has been made and you will not receive the Booking Confirmation email. The Traveler will have the choice between two different non-refundable rates and standard rates; The latter higher than the previous one will allow you to make changes or cancellations up to 7 days before arrival without paying any penalty and with the full refund of the amount of the reservation.
2.3. Stipulation of the contract

The booking will be confirmed with the successful completion of the rental fee and the subsequent sending of the Confirmation of Reservation e-mail referred to in point 2.2 above; In the absence of such a hypothesis, the Company will be free to conclude with third parties lease contracts for the same apartment for the same period.
The Lease Agreement will be signed in paper form on the day of the beginning of the lease and, in the event that registration is required, the latter will be paid by the Company.

3. Price and Payment​

3.1 The amount of the rental fee is as stated in the Reservation Specifications including the amount of the reservation right and the ancillary services.
For leases less than one month, the total amount must be understood including energy consumption and gas, heating and water. The Rental Lease Balance for the period stated in the premise has already been fully paid by the Leaseholder to the Company upon booking by credit card payment.
3.2 The Extra Costs refer to the optional services offered by the Company and selected by the Leader and detailed in the Prospectus. These services will be billed with VAT application at 22% as per law.
3.3 The price does not include the city tax which must be paid in cash upon arrival.

4. Arrival and departure​

4.1 The keys of the Immobilie will be delivered to the Leader by a person in charge of the Company, at the place and agreed in advance between the parties.
Check-in is from 13:00 to 20:00, check-out is from 8:00 to 11:00.
It is possible to check in before 15:00 only in apartments where there is no check-out on the morning and with prior consent of the Company.

5. Obligations of the Conductor​

5.1. Upon check-in, the Leader submits to the Company's agent the recognition documents for each adult and minor who will use the property.
The Principal agrees not to stay in the Hotel in a number of persons greater than that indicated in the Booking Confirmation.
Failure to comply with this obligation will oblige the Principal to pay to the Company, as a penalty, an amount equal to 50% of the total rental price of the Immobilie for each surplus person.
5.2. The Driver expressly declares that each person / person will be regularly present in the territory of the Italian State for an Italian citizen or, in the case of a foreign citizen, in accordance with the rules on public security (visa or residence permit) assuming direct responsibility.
5.3. The Leader undertakes to use the Property with care, keeping it clean, refraining from any act that may cause damage to the same and / or its pertinence and / or its common parts and / or the goods contained therein.
The Conductor undertakes to check the condition of the plants if they are supplied in the house or in any balconies / terraces, as well as undertake to keep the terrace gables clean to allow evacuation of the water.
5.4. The Leader also undertakes to use the Property in such a way that it does not disturb residents near the Facility. It is forbidden to use the property for illicit purposes.
5.5. The Conductor also undertakes to return the keys of the Hotel at check-out.
5.6. The Principal agrees not to reproduce and / or deliver the keys to the Third Party and / or to disclose to third parties any access codes to the Company. The loss / break of keys and / or locks will compensate for the cost of a new lock and of 5 new locks of keys.
5.7. The Leader undertakes to observe, for the entire duration of the lease, the ordinary precautions and measures of security to prevent the entry of strangers into the Facility. It is understood that in the event of non-compliance with this obligation, the Leader will be liable for any damage caused to the Company and / or the goods contained therein.

6. Faculties of access to the facility​

6.1 The person in charge of the Company and / or third parties from the same person, who can be identified at the request of the Principal, will have the right to access the Immobilie in order to perform any necessary repair and / or maintenance. Except in case of emergency, the Conductor will be informed in advance.

7. Animals​

7.1 Unless the express written authorization of the Company is forbidden, the Traveler shall prohibit the housing of any kind of animal in the Facility.

8. Penalty for Failure to Conduct Obligations (Article 8)​

8.1 In the event of conduct contrary to the good conduct of the property, the Principal shall pay to the Company a penalty equal to 200% of the lease mentioned in the premise,

9. Burglaries​

9.1 The Company will never be responsible for any thefts suffered by the Principal if they have been incurred or tampered with the entry or any other mode within the Company.
9.2 The Conductor agrees, therefore, not to leave his or her personal belongings and belongings unattractive.

10. Personal Data
10.1 The Leader authorizes the Company to disclose to third parties its personal data in connection with the lease obligations (D.Lgs. 196/2003).

11. Competent forum
11.1 For any disputes arising out of this assignment, the Forum of Milan shall exclusively be responsible.

12. Regulatory Law
12.1 This contract is subject only to the Italian law.

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